This is a research blog on cryptocurrencies’ materiality and politics. It addresses political aspects embedded in and sprouted by these digital devices and tries to map an assemblage of actors and their relations, with a particular emphasis on its potential for power leverage. I consider cryptocurrencies as a broad digital object, creating its own ontologies, ecosystems, and power struggles, and not a mere instance of an economical device. This pad shows part of the life of these digital beings. Or is, at the very least, a logbook for my bad memory and a manuscript for the curious.

Philosopher and tech-phile/-phobic by chance, I am now trying to think trough the very crowded, very messy, sharp nonce of a technological-driven world. I care about power and equality. I do think that this stampeding cornucopia of devices carries within (very much like our own minds) the possibility of the terrible and the fair.
I am sure that reflecting on these subjects has tiny yet significant momentum on deciding where this ever kinetic balance moves to.

Find more in pablov.me.


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